Ranawara – Tea Bag Tanners Cassia / Cassia Auriculta


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Ingredients  : Tanners Cassia

Benefits  : Clear complexion,  purify bloods, Ease menstruate difficulties, Sexual Vitality for men, Relive Urinary infections, Help in controlling diabetes

Weight : 10 String & Tag Bags  X 20g

Properties and Uses – In Ayurveda , Ranwara widely use in urinary problems such as burning sensation, In adequate flow .very use full in  diabetic management.Ranawara increases sexual vitality while increasing the sperm count can correct ejaculation improving your sexual pleasure. Ranawara Tea (Tanners Cassia) (Botanical Name – Cassia Auriculata)

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Freier Teint

Blut reinigen

Mühelosigkeit menstruieren Schwierigkeiten

Sexuelle Vitalität für Männer

Urin ausscheidende Infektion entlasten

In steuern Diabetes helfen


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